MetaKey® is a multi-approach metabolomics platform that can be used in combination with our in vitro simulators but also as a self-standing metabolomics service for clinical samples and other in vitro and in vivo samples like urine, blood, saliva, feces, tissues, and cells.

It combines a high-throughput and cost-efficient metabolic fingerprinttechnology, LA-REIMS and an in-depth UHPLC-high resolution mass spectrometry platform for untargeted and targeted metabolic profiling.

The innovative LA-REIMS (Laser-assisted rapid evaporative ionization MS) platform enables the characterization of a large number of samples with short turnaround times and low budget, thanks to the minimal pre-treatment requirements and the mass-spec profiling obtained in less than one minute per sample. The technology focusses on the classification of samples in different metabotypes and clusters rather than on the precise identification of metabolites.

The UHPLC-high resolution Mass Spectrometry platform, is a well-established technique for the identification and quantification of single molecules (metabolites). MetaKey® offers both Global Profiling services, based on our in-house library, which covers a broad section of the polar as well as the lipid metabolites, and Targeted Panelseach one covering specific sets of compounds, organized according to chemical class or common biochemical function. Panel examples include the neuroactives (metabolites that can have a direct impact on neuronal function), biogenic amines (decarboxylation products of amino acids, involved in general cellular metabolism but also in disease) and tryptophan metabolites.

The UHPLC-HRMS Metakey® platform allows to generate a high-quality dataset that will provide increased insights into the mechanism of action but also into potential health benefits of the test products. To get most out of your data we adjust ourselves to your needs. A such we can provide you with the processed data for your own data mining and interpretation work, assist you in performing the statistics or provide you with our expert interpretation on the metabolic changes and underlying biological mechanisms.

The biggest strength of the MetaKey® platform lies in combing the power of the LA-REIMS and UHPLC-HRMS to bring high-throughput screening and detailed metabolomic analysis together. The metabolic fingerprints generated with LA-REIMS can be subjected to multivariate statistical analyses leading to the selection of the most interesting samples for further in-depth metabolic assessment using UHPLC-HRMS, when the focus of research is the exploration of biochemical mechanisms. Using this dual technological platform, a customized and cost-efficient strategy can be elaborated for every project and experimental design.


  • General metabolome screening


  • Targeted metabolite determination
  • Specific pathways and panels: Amino acids, bile acids, neuroactives,…
MetaKey metabolomics platform, combining UHPLC-HRMS and LA-REIMS
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